Massage Therapy


Duration: 30+ Minutes
Service Amount: $40+
AppointmentAppointment is appreciated, please email us at
for any additional questions.

Massage therapy is useful for a great number of thins that improve and add to a healthy lifestyle. Just a few of the benefits to receiving a massage on a regular basis are:

  • Relieving Stress

  • Improving Posture

  • Lowering Blood Pressure

  • Helping To Manage Pain

  • Relaxing Muscles

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Swedish Massage-
This is the ultimate  massage for someone looking for a whole body, deeply relaxing massage rather than deep or specific work. If you love to let go and drift asleep on the table then this is the perfect treatment. Long, broad strokes encourage relaxation. If you have muscle tension or injury you want to work on we recommend the therapeutic or deep tissue massages.

Therapeutic Massage-
This massage experience blends several different massage styles and techniques, including Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release. You get the relaxing strokes of the Swedish style, combined with deep, specific work to release pain and tension. If you exercise a lot, or have specific tension and pain in your body, and also love to relax, we highly recommend this complete and pleasurable experience.

Deep Tissue Massage-
Deep Tissue massage is about specific and deep work on areas of tension and holding. We slowly and gently find these places and open them, using incremental and increasing levels of expert pressure to penetrate muscle layers. Myofascial Release is also an important part of this massage, releasing connective tissue that has become ‘hung’ due to repetitive motion and staying in one position for extended periods of time. Whether you have pain or soreness, or simply love deep work, the benefits of this massage can be profound.

In Japanese, Shiatsu means “finger pressure.” For Shiatsu massage, the therapist uses varied, rhythmic pressure on certain areas of the body, following the flow of energy (also known as chi). This particular modality is done on the floor, fully clothed, and is a higher-energy massage than the other massages offered. Shiatsu is excellent for a pick-me-up, increasing focus and giving you that extra energy to finish your day.

Chair Massage – 
Chair massage is useful for many things, and perfect for the person who either doesn’t have time for a regular table massage or who can’t comfortably rest on the table. Mostly focused on the back and neck, this modality is particularly useful in combating the tight muscles from sitting at a desk for extended periods of time.



Upgrades and Customizations


Add Acupressure

A very potent tool for unravelling larger knots, using intense pressure with either fingers or elbows. This is quite powerful and can be painful, but the pain is short-lived and the benefits are definitely worth it. This is usually done on the hands and in the neck and shoulders, but other areas are also available depending on your need.

Add Aromatherapy

An exciting addition to any massage, we will be mixing up special blends depending on what you need. This feature is  available with Jess, so be sure to indulge in this relaxing add on.


Vacuum Cupping Therapy

During massage cupping, the massage therapist  move the cups around and glide them across your skin, and it is recognized as a form of massage therapy. Massage Cupping has also been used for weight loss and cellulite reduction. Silicone therapy cups are more typically used for this form of cupping therapy because these therapy cups are softer and more flexible which makes it easier for the practitioner to glide them across the patient’s body.

In massage cupping therapy, the muscles are tended to with the application of pressure. Negative pressure is better to help with pain management than tissue compression.  With the cupping therapy method, the skin, tissue, and muscles are instead pulled upwards to enhance circulation and provide pain management.

Massage cupping therapy also utilizes different oils so that the cup can glide easily across the back of the patient. Massage cupping is considered an alternative medicine to help with pain management and induces feelings of relaxation and stress relief to ease tension.