Event Hair Styling

Duration: 30+ Minutes
Services Amount: $30+
Appointment: Appointment is 
appreciated, please email us at
for any additional questions.

Consultations are strongly reccommended prior to your special event, Trial appointment required for bridal hair. prices are based on hair length and texture:

Special Event hair

Let Vanity Salon and Spa help you look your best.
Hairstyle- $65 and up
1/2 Up-Style- $65 and up
Up-Style- $75 and up

Bridal and Wedding Hair

Price quote given at consultation


Helpful tips to prepare for trial and event day:

Please feel free to bring any pictures or ideas that explain the look you desire. At the trial appointment we take notes as well as photos of the finished style suit can be recreated with perfection.

Arrive with your hair clean and completly dry. If you have a fine hair texture, use a volumizing product on root area before blow drying, Curly hair should be cleansed and blown out the day before your appointment.

Wear a button down shirt to your appointment so you don’t mess up your hair while clothes.